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What is the meaning of calf in Hindi?

Meaning of calf in Hindi is : हिमपुंज

Definition of word calf

  • The back of the leg below the knee. (noun)
    घुटने के नीचे पैर का पिछला भाग।

Examples of word calf

  • "_A_ black and _a_ white calf," signifies, A black _calf_, and a white
  • I replied: "It is a vile epistle which has been written in golden letters: -- '_Verily this ass, with the resemblance of a man, has the carcase of a calf, and the voice or bleating of a calf_.'
  • I had a calf that sucked two cows, and the observation I made was, the more he sucked, the greater _calf_ he grew. "[
  • The writers of the Bible used the word calf to express their contempt for the object the Israelites worshiped.
  • A tattoo of a “Satanist” poem on his calf is allegedly a poem written by Jim Morrison of The Doors.
  • In some years, as few as a single calf is born to the population of less than 400 whales in the Atlantic.