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What is the meaning of calculational in Hindi?

Meaning of calculational in Hindi is :

Definition of word calculational

  • Of, pertaining to, or employing calculation (adjective)

Examples of word calculational

  • The diagrams are named after Richard Feynman, who invented them as a calculational shortcut.
  • “Expert Opinion”, in the shape of Merton,Scholes et al., chose to ignore these calculational inconveniences and instead promoted models based on mild randomness – Gaussian.
  • The best-known form of QED relies on pictures called Feynman diagrams, after the noted physicist and colorful character Richard Feynman, who invented them as a sort of calculational shortcut.
  • Wolfram Alpha is like Google with calculational capability.
  • Most physicists particularly experimentalists are content to use the idea of wavefunction collapse as a calculational shortcut and go about the business of predicting and measuring the physical world, for which regular quantum theory works astound-ingly well.
  • So they are in fact able to derive “QFT calculational tools from first priciples”.
  • You are right - by and large, people now no longer worry about the fact that they are unable to derive their QFT calculational tools from first principles.
  • It also suggests that spacetime is really not a physical entity at all, but is more of an auxiliary calculational device.
  • The metric is a tool, and points defined in a particular metric are calculational entities of sorts.
  • Does this mean the curvature “exists,” or does this mean that it is a geometrical calculational device for predicting a measurement?