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What is the meaning of calamitous in Hindi?

Meaning of calamitous in Hindi is : विनाशकारी

Definition of word calamitous

  • Concerning or involving calamity, disastrous. (adjective)

Examples of word calamitous

  • By this it appears that it was advisable and seasonable only in calamitous times, and times of present distress, 1
  • To give to them who are thus marked an assurance of God's favour, that they may know it themselves; and the comfort of knowing it will be the most powerful support and cordial in calamitous times.
  • Such an attack would truly be "calamitous" -- to use the same description as the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen.
  • We will recall the calamitous response to that disaster, during which some kids weren't reunited with their families for up to six months.
  • I'm not sure I would want to turn Goodwin's sympathies on, say, Woodrow Wilson, lest personal feeling claim a larger portion of her focus than the long-term calamitous consequences of a president's good intentions; but cynicism doesn't get anyone very far with Lincoln.
  • Rather than be an alarmist and claim that Global Warming caused it, lets turn what the Al Gores of the world would call a calamitous event into a situation that actually creates jobs and economic prosperity.
  • That is what is most calamitous, that is the most dramatic.