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What is the meaning of caesura in Hindi?

Meaning of caesura in Hindi is : यति

Definition of word caesura

  • A pause or interruption in a poem, music, building or other work of art. (noun)
    कविता, संगीत, भवन या कला के अन्य कार्य में विराम या रुकावट।

Examples of word caesura

  • Among occasional variations of the normal strophe as here described may be mentioned the following: The end-rhyme is in a few instances feminine instead of masculine; while on the other hand the ending of the first half-lines is occasionally masculine instead of feminine, that is, the caesura is not "ringing."
  • Well, there seems to be an intergalactic-sized caesura.
  • "Labor Day," from The Triumph of Achilles, is occasion only to remember her father's death a year ago, which the poet processes conclusively with this profound insight about the length of a human life: "Not a sentence, but a breath, a caesura."
  • Still, he remembers one space offering a welcome caesura from the ormolu and swag: the Blue Room, which the Count used as his personal sitting area.