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What is the meaning of cacao in Hindi?

Meaning of cacao in Hindi is : कोकोआ का वृक्ष

Definition of word cacao

  • A tree, Theobroma cacao, whose seed is used to make chocolate. (noun)

Examples of word cacao

  • a brief survey of the history of cocoa and chocolate, I shall begin with the growing of the cacao bean, and follow the _cacao_ in its career until it becomes the finished product ready for consumption.
  • Vinson said chocolate was given the name cacao, meaning "food of the gods."
  • After dinner a small piece of cheesecake made with real cacao is just perfect.
  • (Only 5-10% of the world's cacao is good quality Criollo, or higher grade Trinitario, mostly single estate specialists.)
  • Frequently hand-ground, cacao is combined with almonds, cinnamon and other ingredients to make what is generally acknowledged as the best chocolate in Mexico.
  • Although high in cacao, it retains an almost milk chocolate richness that imparts a creamy mouthfeel.