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What is the meaning of byat in Hindi?

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  • Thecrumbling Stock Market is telling us that theeconomy is likely to shrink byat least 0. 9 per cent over the course of2009 and suffer the first full year of recession since 1991, according to the latest quarterly forecast from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.
  • Magats, Joe examination of witnesses byat Oliver sentencing hearingMarywood Academy
  • Sparta, Spartans clothing and weapons ofmilitary training ofnational ethos ofat Salamisstyle of discourse inThemistocles honored byat Thermopylaesee also EurybiadesStyra
  • Oudéa was speaking after another day of wild gyrations for French bank stocks, which plunged by up to 12% in early trading before racing higher byat the end of the day after the country's biggest bank, BNP Paribas, denied it was facing funding difficulties for US dollars.
  • Rest up so you can mumble at the passer's byat the park about the injustices of history and the interpretations of historical texts that can only possibly be correct if you are the one interpreting it.
  • Edwin van der Sar is expected to sign a new one-year contact withManchester United next week, worth around £5million, that will delay byat least 12 months any need for the club to find a successor.