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What is the meaning of buy in Hindi?

Meaning of buy in Hindi is : ख़रीदना

Definition of word buy

  • To obtain (something) in exchange for money or goods (verb)
    पैसे या सामान के बदले (कुछ) प्राप्त करना
  • Something which is bought; a purchase. (noun)
    कुछ जो खरीदा है; खरीदारी।

Examples of word buy

    • If you haven't gotten ten to at least say they'll buy, where do you get your hubris to proclaim that thousands actually will buy?
    • Whandall understood that the word buy was an insult.
    • He said media reports wrongly characterize what he called "buy and sell" shops as pawnshops in stories about police raids.
    • The enormous investment is worthwhile not only for the opportunity at a title buy but also to persuade James to re-sign this summer.
    • "We've been looking at what I call the buy-versus-make situation to see whether there isn't ultimately a more economic solution," he told analysts Thursday.
    • And yet the word "buy" is significant; for we are elsewhere bidden, "buy wine and milk without money and without price," and "buy of Christ gold tried in the fire," &c.
    • WTF would YOU know about ‘expensive liquor’ when all you are allowed to buy is PAVLOV?
    • I'm half way through this month's Saveur and dreaming about the tamales that I use to buy from a lady on a country road out in Marble Falls.
    • Nuhiva's bumping along astern there, though what she can buy is beyond me.
    • I hope Lindsey and McCain buy a house and and enjoy their golden years together