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What is the meaning of buttock in Hindi?

Meaning of buttock in Hindi is : नितम्ब

Definition of word buttock

  • Each of the two large fleshy halves of the posterior part of the body between the base of the back and the top of the legs. (noun)
  • The convexity of a ship behind, under the stern. (noun)

Examples of word buttock

    • Subject received a flesh wound in the right buttock from the machine gun fire that destroyed the LOH.
    • I swung around for the spot and yanked my sweaty map out from under my left buttock, which is still the best map holder ever devised for a fighter plane, and prepared to get some good coordinates for the rescue guys.
    • The hip-bone, (Os ischium) lies directly under the flank bone, (Os ilium) and is the lowest point of the basin, or pelvis, vulgarly called the buttock, being the point on which we sit.
    • Ely believes the value of the metal in the buttock is the real issue for Iraq officials: £250,000.
    • We must, however, interpret in greater detail; the Rotunda is the buttock which is regularly associated by the child with the genital, the smaller front structure is the scrotum.


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