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What is the meaning of butter in Hindi?

Meaning of butter in Hindi is : माखन

Definition of word butter

  • Someone who butts; someone who butts in (noun)
    कोई है जो चूतड़; कोई है जो चूतड़ में
  • To spread butter on. (verb)
    मक्खन फैलाने के लिए।

Examples of word butter

    • But it is not so readily digestible as butter is; is more liable to give rise to the butyric acid fermentations in the stomach; is not nearly so appetizing; and its sale as, and under the name of, _butter_ is a fraud which the law rightly forbids and punishes.
    • Evidently the making of butter was almost totally discontinued, for in his last instructions, completed only a few days before his death, he wrote: "And It is hoped and will be expected, that more effectual measures will be pursued to make butter another year; for it is almost beyond belief, that from 101 Cows actually reported on a late enumeration of the Cattle, that I am obliged to _buy butter_ for the use of my family."
    • Mash lightly, then add in butter and continue to mash potatoes until butter is well incorporated.
    • Whisk in butter and a vanilla paste until butter is melted and custard is smooth.
    • Hmm ... butter is definitely yum but I don't know about drinking it; P Seriously - these were * drowning* in butter, and I don't mean a thin film.
    • If the butter is a little firmer, that will help, too!
    • In the simplest terms, cocoa butter is the fat in chocolate that makes it melt in your mouth and in your hand.
    • Add cold butter and pulse in a food processor (a pastry cutter or a fork will work also) until the butter is the size of small peas.