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What is the meaning of but in Hindi?

Meaning of but in Hindi is : सिवाय

Definition of word but

  • Outside of. (preposition)
  • Merely, only. (adverb)
  • Except (for), excluding. Preceded by a negation. (conjunction)
  • An instance or example of using the word "but". (noun)

Examples of word but

  •   It took Britain 341 years to name a woman to the highly-prestigious but low-paid post of poet laureate,  but Carol Ann Duffy, the first female and the first openly bisexual holder of the post as well,  has made up for lost time.
  • I must have been nuts, but as I say, it's a special night, so I clap my hands and make a few wolf whistles just to be cute,  but then I get to thinking she looks cuckoo up there,  poor thing.
  • I had a tiny bit less love for Idess, but I think it is because Sin overpowered in the book..but I adored Sin...oh, I can't wait for her book :
  • Ooh - I have seen this around but didn't know if I would like it..but if you do....will have to read it soon!
  • Marziya knows with money you get sweets toys, but here she is aware that what she gives the Umbrella lady will not get her anything in return..but a sweet smile .. and this is the lesson I teach Marziya , giving charity without compulsion, I teach Marziya along with photography the meaning of humility...
  • Kale sorry to knit pick/correct, but I do not think the grammar nazi is refined enough to pick it up …..but it is a silent T in pinot.
  • I entered my classroom to attempt to teach, but soon realized it was an impossible situation….now mind you…I try to use the term, impossible, loosely..but this..
  • They came up but bloomed late..but they did bloom.
  • I cannot imagine your pain but I *can* understand how you live it - because you have no choice *but* to live with it.
  • Mangla calls me bhau, brother and is mad about Marziya , I have a great relationship with the Koli fisherwown of Bandra Bazar Fish Market , but when it comes to business they wont give me a penny discount..but than Mangla will tell the person concerned to make the price less ..as he writes about us ..our difficulties our struggle .