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What is the meaning of burglary in Hindi?

Meaning of burglary in Hindi is : स‌ंधिभेद

Definition of word burglary

  • The crime of unlawfully breaking into a vehicle, house, store, or other enclosure with the intent to steal. (noun)

Examples of word burglary

  • I should like to hear you explain how burglary is collecting what is coming to you.
  • The sheet was taken in an October 2008 burglary from the offices of dealer Kevin Lipton of Beverly Hills, California, and is the only item recovered so far.
  • They are designed to display vehicles without insurance, MOT, are used by disqual drivers or used in burglary – for example …
  • For example, if burglary is necessary to save life, it deserves warrant, but if considered only to ascertain the truth of a wagered outcome, one may do nought but persuade its possessor to divulge.
  • Will he demand that the burglary is crimed so that he can make an insurance claim or will he for the greater good ignore the matter and hence get his bonus but not the insurance pay out.
  • Yet there were 18,600 offences concealed in burglary and robbery. 1000′s of car damage offences are switched to simple damage and often not crimed if even reported.
  • I suppose the answer to the burglary is three fold then; one, actually punish criminals, especially repeat offenders; two, return the power to Police Officers to say “go away and grow up you silly s*d” to people who demand police action over trivia; three, dump 90% of the paperwork and those put those processing it and similar on the front line? on April 16, 2010 at 6: 48 am frontrowhero
  • First plain burglary and now Turd Burglary at the Watergate.
  • Ironically, the recent fall in burglary may have something to do with the flood of cheap imports from the East, making stolen goods hard to sell for a worthwhile price.