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What is the meaning of build in Hindi?

Meaning of build in Hindi is : स्थापित करना/बल देना

Definition of word build

  • to form (something) by combining materials or parts (verb)
    सामग्री या भागों को मिलाकर (कुछ) बनाना
  • The physique of a human body; constitution or structure of a human body. (noun)
    मानव शरीर की काया; मानव शरीर की संरचना या संरचना।

Examples of word build

    • The Life Force of the body, acting always under the direction of the subconscious mind, _will build, and always does build_, healthily and normally, unless too much interfered with.
    • During the build process, buildroot will download all sources to the "dl" directory and will start patching and compiling them in the "build_
    • The term build-to-flip was coined by Jim Collins, the co-author of Build to Last.
    • They had triangular faces, fox-like, and the hard thin build of angry people.
    • The system of corruption that Jack Abramoff helped to build is as strong today as it ever was.
    • He did nothing to build is own image by such disrespectful behavior.
    • The cost to build is the same, yet residential space fetches over $300 per sq.ft. while commercial frequently gets less than $150 per sq.ft.
    • My older cousin build a ground blind out of some tree branches so me and my brother could go bow hunting.
    • If something we want to build is going to be fun to play, it has to be enjoyable right from the most basic gameplay elements.
    • On the other hand, some companies are interested in "build-to-suit" properties, or buildings custom-made for one large tenant, he says.