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What is the meaning of buffeting in Hindi?

Meaning of buffeting in Hindi is : मार

Definition of word buffeting

  • Present participle of buffet. (verb)
  • A blow or motion that buffets. (noun)

Examples of word buffeting

    • “The unused air bag on the left remains in exactly the same position, no matter how much buffeting is supposedly going on in the plane.”
    • And as it went through the wind sheer -- remember, I came up, tried to envision the wind coming straight down to the ground, hitting the ground and then kind of buffeting outward.
    • It was the reward of courageous 'buffeting' and enslaving of the body; he was an austere ascetic.
    • The aircraft's design forced engineers to make more changes than the company expected, prompting modifications to correct malfunctions such as buffeting around the wheel well on landings and vibration during flight.
    • Citigroup, which has owned the storied music company behind acts like the Beatles and Coldplay since it foreclosed on the company in February, is betting that bidders' fear of missing out on the world's last major, independent music and music-publishing business will trump the financial-market volatility buffeting the sale process.
    • This shows Goldman is largely sticking to its view that the forces buffeting Wall Street are largely cyclical, rather than structural.
    • Mr. Davies said he would like to see the rand weaken, but is cautious about the global forces now buffeting the currency, lest the country's growth also slows sharply.
    • "Consumers are taking a major buffeting, and retail sales volumes in the months ahead are expected to disappoint," said Nida Ali, economic adviser to the Ernst & Young Item Club, a forecasting group.
    • As soon as we returned to Wyoming the weather worked itself up, buffeting the site with seventy-mile-an-hour winds.