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What is the meaning of buffering in Hindi?

Meaning of buffering in Hindi is : उभय प्रतिरोधन

Definition of word buffering

  • Present participle of buffer. (verb)

Examples of word buffering

  • And there are quite powerful long-term buffering mechanisms, such as described here:
  • Sometimes a little oyster-shell grit or chalk will do for long-term buffering; it can be used together with the hexamine and can go on working after the hexamine is exhausted if the collection is poorly maintained.
  • "Still not there technologically," she said, referring to the buffering.
  • And even his pauses - his "buffering" - allowed the audience to brace itself for the next onslaught.
  • I know this is called buffering, but how can I avoid it?
  • So even if you save energy by "buffering" the freezer with ice, you still pay to freeze it the first time.
  • In this instance, it is the "Author's Introduction" that displays that "buffering" that the subject. seems to demand.