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What is the meaning of buffer in Hindi?

Meaning of buffer in Hindi is : मूर्ख बूढ़ा

Definition of word buffer

  • Someone or something that buffs. (noun)
  • To use a buffer or buffers; to isolate or minimize the effects of one thing on another. (verb)
  • comparative form of buff: more buff (adjective)

Examples of word buffer

  • POSTdata: = "status =" status httpQUERY (buffer: = "", URL, POSTdata) msgbox \% buffer\%
  • #get the buffer for the textView my $buffer = $textView - > get_buffer ();
  • The expression buffer has been used and the head coaches I've spoken to don't want a buffer.
  • But then he said that the military, once that mission was completed, would also, would withdraw from the towns, but would return to what he called buffer zones, presumably within the West Bank, from which, he said, they would prevent the renewal of terror attacks against Israeli cities.
  • The land around this camp became part of what they call the buffer zone for the reservoir, taken but not submerged.
  • This is part of what we call buffer capital these days because our expectation is that capital will be absorbed in light of what is happening with regulatory change.
  • And I think what the new element that we heard here, apart from this question of the time frame, which was always hovering as a problematic element over the last several days, the new element that we heard from Mr. Sharon was once the Israeli Army had completed its mission, as he said, within the Palestinian towns, then it would create what he called buffer zones and that this was a new, this is certainly a new development.