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What is the meaning of brumal in Hindi?

Meaning of brumal in Hindi is : शीत ऋतु सम्बन्धी

Definition of word brumal

  • belonging to winter; winter-like (adjective)

Examples of word brumal

  • Snow Blind flailed and loomed with a kind of brumal intensity, this soothes and has more of an air of passivity.
  • Not suddenly doth the sweet warmth of universal life, from brumal caves advancing, interfuse the vast abysmal air, or penetrate the deep heart of the frost-entranced Earth.
  • Her brother wintered at Welland; but whether because his experience of tropic climes had unfitted him for the brumal rigours of Britain, or for some other reason, he seldom showed himself out of doors, and Swithin caught but passing glimpses of him.
  • The fair complexions of the people prove that this account of the brumal rigours is not exaggerated.
  • He shivers in brumal blasts, and hungry he chirps before your door.
  • During the previous night, however, the sky had cleared, and now the air was filled with those familiar brumal sounds, the scraping of shovels and the ringing of sleighbells, that usually make such a pleasant appeal to those within-doors; but the bishop was merely moved to impatient longing for the spring.