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What is the meaning of browned in Hindi?

Meaning of browned in Hindi is :

Definition of word browned

  • Simple past tense and past participle of brown. (verb)

Examples of word browned

  • She had abandoned her books and her pale skin browned as she had climbed volcanoes, surf swam and rode horses in company with one Stephen Knight, athlete, surf-boarder — a "bronzed god of the sea."
  • Oh wow, roasting the spices in browned butter ... yeah I would say that would do it for me too.
  • My grandma made it all the time and would sometimes throw in browned chorizo or her refried beans.
  • Our word for browned sugar may come from its resemblance in color to straw.
  • The only noise was the whistling north wind that made a coat feel good while my legs browned from a blazing sun.
  • Do up brown came to mean, however, ` to do anything thoroughly, 'and it thus may be the origin of the phrase browned-off, meaning ` thoroughly disgruntled.'
  • There always remained a cohesive substance, although it was charred and friable, which by reason of its bad conductivity of heat protected the roof boarding to such an extent that it was "browned" only by the developed tar vapors.
  • Grilled steaks, chops, roast meats (such as browned, crisp goose, $21.95) and seafood are all served, but traditional entrées make up a good portion of the menu, and that's what drew my attention.