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What is the meaning of bronchial in Hindi?

Meaning of bronchial in Hindi is : श्वसनी

Definition of word bronchial

  • Of or relating to the bronchi or bronchioles. (adjective)

Examples of word bronchial

  • On examining more minutely with the magnifier, open-mouthed bronchial twigs, and very small blood-vessels, were seen plugged up with solid and fluid carbon, and, from the appearance of the morbid structure, it was manifest, that the ulcerative process had effected a complete disorganization of the _bronchial_ tubes of every calibre, while the smaller _arterial_ vessels had alone suffered, leaving the larger ones entire. [
  • The last time I kept up the cycling through the winter was the last time I was properly ill with a long-term bronchial cough that was hard to shift.
  • Its posterior part (the so-called saccular lung) has unique thick, muscular walls* that allows stored air to be forced forward into the functional anterior part (termed the bronchial lung) and the anterior projection of the lung (the so-called tracheal lung) is large and extends well forwards relative to that of terrestrial snakes.
  • JOHNSON: They've identified that they're predisposed to developing a certain kind of lung cancer called bronchial (ph) carcinoma, and that was reported late last year in 2005.
  • Each branch enters the lung of its own side, and breaks up into a great number of smaller branches, called bronchial tubes.


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