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What is the meaning of bribed in Hindi?

Meaning of bribed in Hindi is :

Definition of word bribed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of bribe. (verb)

Examples of word bribed

  • Another reason why I think Nottingham was probably bribed is that his 3rd ex wife apparently started his whole public exposure when she was going thru his credit card receipts.
  • And one can easily surmise, the half thats being bribed, is not in the bottom half of the Average income scale.
  • The Ministry of Personnel turned it down, but the emperor himself approved it. 113 Ningzhou (department) was initially under direct administration, however, a native chieftain bribed Liu Jin, the influential eunuch, and a native subprefect was resumed that eventually would be abolished in 1522.114
  • The bigger thing for people to understand when is you put it on the unsubstantiated word of a reprobate witness who's getting "bribed" -- quote unquote -- by the government, paid by the government, and the 10th circuit mentioned that.
  • And I don't think their families would appreciate being referred to as the bribed and the coerced, window dressing.
  • It could mean our future President is being bribed, which is a serious threat to our national security.
  • Why did this post and the main article in the front page omit the fact that Landrieu was "bribed" with a $100 million promise for LA in the bill?
  • It is commonplace, she reports, for formerly AWOL soldiers to be "bribed" with offers of having all charges, or potential charges, dropped, as long as they accept deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan.