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What is the meaning of bribe in Hindi?

Meaning of bribe in Hindi is : लांच

Definition of word bribe

  • Something (usually money) given in exchange for influence or as an inducement to dishonesty. (noun)
  • To give a bribe to. (verb)

Examples of word bribe

    • Whether a reward conferred for obedience shall operate as a bribe, or rather as a price paid -- for a _bribe_, strictly speaking, is a price paid, not for doing right, but for doing wrong -- depends sometimes on very slight differences in the management of the particular case -- differences which an undiscriminating mother will not be very ready to appreciate.
    • Prosecutors said the defendants knew they were breaking the law when they agreed to pay the $1.5 million "commission" to the official, even if the word "bribe" wasn't mentioned.
    • A bribe is a bribe is a bribe is a political payoff!
    • Kurtzer, who was an Obama adviser during the elections, said it was a mistake to offer Israel what he called a bribe for a mere three-month suspension of settlement activities.
    • This guy actually made what he called a bribe list on a napkin.
    • A spokesperson for Mr. Farkas said, Mr. Paladino's allegation that Andrew Farkas, or any Farkas-related entity, ever paid Andrew Cuomo a 'bribe' is a pure fabrication.
    • An elected public servant who takes a bribe is undermining our democratic institutions.
    • Nelson received $45 million in bribe money for his State to swing his vote doesn't anyone else find this criminal and IMPEACHABLE?
    • But, that's not good enough for them, so they're spending $1.4 million a day (of their insureds premiums) to "lobby" (I call it bribe) Congress.
    • Not reporting to the IRS the $96,000 in bribe/hush money.