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What is the meaning of breathing in Hindi?

Meaning of breathing in Hindi is : श्वसन

Definition of word breathing

  • Present participle of breathe. (verb)
  • The act of respiration; a single instance of this. (noun)
    श्वसन क्रिया; इसका एक मात्र उदाहरण।

Examples of word breathing

    • It must not be supposed that a singer's breathing is something strange or complex, for it is nothing more than _an amplification of normal, healthy breathing_.
    • Perhaps interestingly, number 10, skin breathing, comes from the Bond film Goldfinger.
    • And rather than feel like he's selling out, Walkley says his reel compositions allow his real rock 'n' roll songs to "be more pure," because life as an independent songwriter means "you don't have a label breathing down your neck."
    • And then when I snapped out and got sick and tired of being sick and tired, what I call breathing clean air, I realize how wrong that was.
    • I am specifically not against not initiating treatment in hopeless situations or withdrawing life support - which I define as breathing assistance ie a ventilator, kidney dialysis, pacemaker, etc. - when all hope is lost.
    • When we breathe normally we find the action caused by the breathing is at the centre of the body, and the respiratory muscles are energized.
    • Mindful breathing is a great way to return to yourself.
    • They will pass out underwater and it is only a matter of moments before their body relaxes and attempts to begin breathing normally.
    • Pulled naked and barely breathing from the fire, the victim has no idea who she is, let alone who would do this to her -- or why.