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What is the meaning of breath in Hindi?

Meaning of breath in Hindi is : सॉँस

Definition of word breath

  • The act or process of breathing. (noun)
    श्वास लेने की क्रिया या प्रक्रिया।

Examples of word breath

  • Let me tell you such men don't waste one breath in mentioning anything that does not mean a big interest per cent, _not one breath_.
  • "Yet your gay laughter, Messire de Puysange, is after all but breath: and _breath_ also" -- the bishop's sharp eyes fixed Perion's -- "has a hackneyed rhyme."
  • This waste comes from exhaling more breath (more motive power) than the tone requires, and _breath that does not become tone is wasted_.
  • * must retain self .... will not have a spaz attack ... breath breath*
  • III. xiii.77 (204,9) Tell him, from his all-obeying breath I hear/The doom of Aegypt] _Doom_ is declared rather by an _all-commanding_, than an _all-obeying breath_.
  • She told me that the germs (virii?) drop when your breath is a foot from your face.