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What is the meaning of breakups in Hindi?

Meaning of breakups in Hindi is :

Definition of word breakups

  • Plural form of breakup. (noun)

Examples of word breakups

  • He does not time his leaps well and even though he had eight interceptions, lacks natural hands and the result has been attempted several pass thefts resulting in breakups instead. ...
  • If all her male associates say the main reason for the breakups is her father then maybe she put the spell on him instead.
  • It's a Web shop that sells care packages for unfortunate life events -- namely breakups.
  • He's also approaching 30 pass breakups, which is insane, considering how teams should just stop throwing to his side of the field.
  • Type A, he is sweet gentle, rather simple in his life and character, a typical guy with an ordinary life that type would be in complete sense of admiration and overdose of appreciation of "you" if you ever done something all you have to do is take a look in his eyes and see if you got that horny look of "you rock my world baby" just to make sure you put an other nail inside his chest they are way easy, clingy, fall in love in the speed of light, all about touchy feely kinda stuff, don't expect personal growth or actualization of such a character, the breakups are the worst, specially if he really has nothing in his life so he'll ey6yg ow ygablich
  • Analysts and industry insiders, however, have said radical ideas such as breakups aren't likely to be imposed by the government, which will have to tread a fine line between promoting stability in the sector and not scaring banks out of the country.
  • What he proposes is it kind of breakups by regions and does the nation really coalesce regionally the way he suggests?
  • If there are any government-run financial rescue operations in the future, the administration says, they should be funded by the financial industry - and they shouldn't be bailouts but "breakups" that liquidate the failing firm and fire its executives.