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What is the meaning of breadwinning in Hindi?

Meaning of breadwinning in Hindi is :

Definition of word breadwinning

  • The earning of a household's primary income. (noun)
    एक घर की प्राथमिक आय की कमाई।

Examples of word breadwinning

  • Given the ease of importing twenty or more unskilled apprentices from the House of Refuge or a similar institution, it is not surprising that Burt doubted the ability of journeymen weavers to obtain breadwinning wages without regulating the labor pool.
  • Feminist theorists note that there are two ways to integrate women into a society as equals to men: as citizen-workers (who perform the same tasks as men, namely breadwinning) or as citizen-mothers (who perform different tasks than men, namely parenting).
  • The rise of so-called breadwinning wives has led to a number of support groups for fathers.
  • Note as well that throughout the paragraph, fatherhood is primarily defined as breadwinning; nearly all these policies are focused on funneling money from the father to the mother and children.
  • This is elementary, in that in a traditional family, the woman works in the home to care for the children, while the man is the one who is out "breadwinning," or "working the salt mines," or however one wishes to put it.
  • Note 5: This chapter applies a definition of breadwinning which is purposefully broad enough to include the wide range of ways that organized men would have responded to their perceived household obligations. back
  • I have also spent 20 years researching and writing about the changing stories of breadwinning mothers and primary caregiving fathers www.breadandrosesproject.ca.
  • What I know from my research on breadwinning mothers and caregiving fathers over the past two decades is that, while a small revolution in gender roles has occurred, men and women continue to be in a process of transition around issues of breadwinning and care.
  • I share Rosin's interest in understanding the current social and emotional geography of breadwinning wives.