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What is the meaning of bray in Hindi?

Meaning of bray in Hindi is : हींकना

Definition of word bray

  • Of a donkey, to make its cry. (verb)
  • The cry of an ass or donkey. (noun)

Examples of word bray

    • The bray is a way to bond and a way to communicate with the other penguins.
    • He proceeded to blow into it, but failed to produce anything more huntsman-like than a kind of bray such as might be uttered by a jackass suffering from a sore-throat.
    • It started with a kind of bray, then turned into a snorting sound, infecting everyone around her with laughter, he said.
    • It is well indeed that our churches, sadly given over to the laxity and carelessness of a bygone age, should be renovated and beautified, the tone of the services raised, and the "bray" of the old clerks, unsuited to the devotional feelings of a more enlightened day, silenced, but still a shade of regret will be mingled with their dismissal, if only for the sake of the large stock of amusing anecdotes which their names recall.
    • "bray," and that reminded me of a story, and instead of having my thoughts and my heart set upon his beautiful prayer as I should have
    • I wonder what the effect would be if we took him literally and did all 'bray'? "