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What is the meaning of brass in Hindi?

Meaning of brass in Hindi is : साहस्

Definition of word brass

  • A metallic alloy of copper and zinc used in many industrial and plumbing applications. (noun)
    तांबे और जस्ता का एक धातु मिश्र धातु कई औद्योगिक और नलसाजी अनुप्रयोगों में उपयोग किया जाता है।
  • Of the colour of brass. (adjective)
    पीतल के रंग का।

Examples of word brass

    • If it had been desired to separate also on material, for example, if it were deemed important to locate all brass scrap, each of the groups based upon form could be divided into one of _brass_ and one
    • I've been reloading for only twelve years, which ain't much, but Win brass is the one I have settled on.
    • "They are mostly made of that metal, Sire, though sometimes they are made of a metal which we call brass, which is a compound of copper, and of another metal called tin, which adds greatly to its strength and hardness."
    • The Norma brass is also thicker than Remington or Winchester.
    • "Aye, what we call brass-monkey weather," said Dalziel, taking a swig from his flask.
    • "Do you Barford people ever think of anything else but what you call brass?" asked Collingwood, laughing.
    • And you can actually buy .308 Win brass that takes a Small rifle primer instead of a large rifle primer, this helps with a more consistant ignition and many palma shooters use them, but you'll pay an arm and a leg for this kind of brass ...