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What is the meaning of brainwave in Hindi?

Meaning of brainwave in Hindi is : सूझ

Definition of word brainwave

  • Any of many rhythmic fluctuations of electric potential between parts of the brain, especially those seen on an electroencephalogram (noun)

Examples of word brainwave

  • "It was a sort of second-sight -- what they call a brainwave," Nick smiled.
  • Sometimes the 'brainwave' is not unlike opportunity-something simple which is frequently missed because it goes around disguised as hard work.
  • - – As of current, hypergraphia is understood to be triggered by changes in brainwave activity in the temporal lobe.
  • Brainwave entrainment • Brainwave synchronization, also called brainwave entrainment, is concerned with frequency following response, a naturally occuring phenomenon in which similar frequencies tend to synchronize with each other.
  • No kidding - 20 pounders making their way upstream and into the tiny side creeks and I had a "brainwave" one year.
  • No more the 'brainwave' sudden madness which grips me telling me 'one more binge' will get me what I want …
  • If the wider applicability of the 'brainwave' is doubtful in rich nations, it's positively outlandish for not-so-rich ones.
  • To prove the efficacy of these ads, Google hired a company called NeuroFocus to conduct research measuring biometric response to the overlays through indicators such as brainwave activity, skin response, and eye tracking.