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What is the meaning of boreal in Hindi?

Meaning of boreal in Hindi is : उत्तरी

Definition of word boreal

  • Of, relating to, or coming from the north. (adjective)

Examples of word boreal

  • Linda told him with amazing inanity that his opinion of her was unreliable; and, contented, he lightly pursued his admiration of what he called her boreal charm.
  • "You forget the light which we call boreal," said the ecclesiastic.
  • New research aimed at understanding the link between carbon dioxide emissions and climate change in boreal systems has found clear links between both spring and fall temperature changes and carbon uptake/loss.
  • New evidence of the link between carbon dioxide emissions and climate change in boreal ecosystems
  • A simulated instantaneous 2 °C increase in average growing-season temperature was applied with two different precipitation regimes (a 20% increase and a 20% decrease from current precipitation levels) to explore the possible influence of climate change on long-term boreal forest ecosystem dynamics.
  • The subarctic climate zone coincides with a great belt of needleleaf forest, often referred to as boreal forest, and with the open lichen woodland known as tayga.
  • This climate is classified as boreal southern Cordilleran.
  • The combination of warming temperatures and the fertilizing effect of increased carbon in the atmosphere could fuel a northward expansion of what is known as the boreal forest, the coniferous timber lands that run across the earth's northern latitudes and include forests in Canada, Finland, Russia and Sweden.
  • Low-diversity biomes (such as boreal forest and tundra) have low species richness and low threat rates and have experienced little conversion.
  • (Oct. 29, 2008) - How best to map 'boreal' or northern forest with space-borne radar is the focus of an ESA campaign currently underway in northern Sweden.