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What is the meaning of booty in Hindi?

Meaning of booty in Hindi is : लोभ

Definition of word booty

  • A form of prize which, when a ship was captured at sea, could be distributed at once. (noun)

Examples of word booty

  • I believe African Americans prefer the term "booty."
  • A retooled classic hitting bookstores this week will raise new questions for millions of Christians about the nature of sin, whether women can exert authority over men and what the word "booty" really means.
  • Meet a man who wants to help women feel powerful and avoid what he calls the booty call blues.
  • This way they can still collect all the booty from the big banks to line their pockets.
  • When I see a comment about wanting to check out munchkin booty and the grown up in me says let it go.
  • I keep missing the news reports of bands of Republicans riding into villages, raping, pillaging and coming away with their millions in booty stolen from the poor.
  • His burgled booty is estimated in value at $1.5 million (including damaged vehicles).
  • Unfortunately, the girl I saw today walking down the street in short booty shorts and flip flops is more easily seduced by mother nature than I am.
  • Black-pepper pancetta from Salumi and salt-cured capers, booty from a recent trip to Seattle, rounded out my list of risotto ingredients.