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What is the meaning of bootie in Hindi?

Meaning of bootie in Hindi is :

Definition of word bootie

  • Alternative spelling of bootee. (noun)

Examples of word bootie

  • Well, admitting that you paid to see "bootie" and that they rocked, is refreshingly candid.
  • To satiate the needs of folks like Matt Wallace and Lavie Tidhar, I'd like to say I got all kinds of "bootie" from Louise, but it was stuff like autographed photos, stickers, and a book.
  • The second funniest thing in the world is the word "bootie" as in a baby bootie.
  • Some babies are dying early, "As daddy has his date even over alone for a so called bootie call best, and is more than" Black Widow "even alone in babies one bootie alone on, calling for Hells death.
  • Her spring collection takes classic shoe styles and influses them with unexpected touches, from athletic-looking elastic details on an open bootie, to gold metal balls along an insanely high heel, plus metallics, neons and silver spikes on double and sometimes triple platforms.
  • This famous Jew boogie can shape your bootie in no time.
  • I came home with two souvenirs of the experience, more hospital bootie-socks, and color photos of the inside of my uterus!