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What is the meaning of boost in Hindi?

Meaning of boost in Hindi is : विज्ञापन करना

Definition of word boost

Examples of word boost

  • I was allowed eleven choices by my company, because of the demand Brain Boost systems of my kind have.
  • “Nobody would believe me if I told them my Brain Boost fell in love with me, you know.” he said, tapping the side of his head, as if to show exactly what they would think of him.
  • If you call Boost and attempt to initiate a port request for your existing Sprint CDMA phone number they will tell you that they cannot port from these accounts.
  • Because he has difficulty swallowing, a liquid nutrient called Boost is piped into his stomach.
  • The company has formed a partnership with youth targeted Boost Mobile, a pay-as-you-go Sprint/Nextel subsidiary, to offer a service called Boost Loopt free for the rest of this year and as a $2.99 monthly add-on service beginning in January.
  • Jordana Altman, a spokeswoman for Y&R, said in an e-mail that she learned, after consulting the Land Rover team at the agency, that the music was "a library track, from a company called Boost Music."
  • Sprint's new prepaid plan called Boost added more than 2.5 million net subscribers in 2009, boosting prepaid revenues up by 39%.
  • I've called Boost but it won't lead me to talk to anyone!
  • Prepaid service from Sprint (aka Boost) = the WORST EVER.