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What is the meaning of bonus in Hindi?

Meaning of bonus in Hindi is : सुखकर घटना

Definition of word bonus

  • Something extra that is good. (noun)
    कुछ अतिरिक्त जो अच्छा है।
  • To pay a bonus, premium (verb)
    बोनस का भुगतान करने के लिए, प्रीमियम

Examples of word bonus

    • Even they must know that the word bonus comes from the Latin, meaning the "good" beyond the line of duty.
    • Another bonus is being able to change your schedule so you can sleep during the day and work when the sun is turned off.
    • And he came with an amazing number of what we call bonus bones, bones stuck to him from all kinds of other animals.
    • No matter that you had to plough through 80 pages of the report before encountering the word "bonus", the bleating of the CBI in apparent defeat suggested this was a document with its finger on the popular pulse.
    • My wife and kids ARE my best friends … and the bonus is my wife is my BREAST friend.
    • BUSH: Part of the tax relief plan also enabled people to have what they call bonus depreciation.
    • Corporations should respond, argued Luntz, not by curtailing bonuses but by banning the word "bonus."
    • Clark said that additional information on this package of changes is available on her website, including what she called a bonus program that allows developers to, for instance, ask for an exception on height zoning limits by conceding off-sets; like providing affordable housing units, more open space, or preserving a local landmark, etc.
    • He argues the meaning of the term "bonus" has been lost along the years."