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What is the meaning of bonjour in Hindi?

Meaning of bonjour in Hindi is :

Definition of word bonjour

  • To greet in French with "bonjour". (verb)
    फ्रेंच में "बोनजोर" के साथ अभिवादन करना।

Examples of word bonjour

  • And isn’t credible that Marie’s guest would say this face-to-face, even as a bastardized “Hello,” when the correct bonjour is universally known.
  • Rogatchov had received no education whatever; his French consisted of the one word bonjour, and he secretly considered even that word improper.
  • I hope you enjoyed this "behind the (chaotic) scenes" note -- it's been a good excuse to sneek in to this comments box to say "bonjour" to anyone reading!
  • Meantime, thanks for saying "bonjour" to Marie-Françoise in the comments box.
  • On the way back to the car, I passed the wise woman, who was still reading on her porch, and nodded "bonjour".