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What is the meaning of bone in Hindi?

Meaning of bone in Hindi is : हड्डी/अस्थि

Definition of word bone

Examples of word bone

  • Bone ( "two"); bones. push_back (b1); bones. push_back (b2); Bone* ptr =
  • The only being from the Dreaming named in Bone is the Locust, represented as, and in control of, locust swarms.
  • With stunning cameos of historical characters from Benedict Arnold to Benjamin Franklin, An Echo in the Bone is a soaring masterpiece of imagination, insight, character, and adventure – a novel that echoes in the mind long after the last page is turned.
  • Making pictures for short fiction can be quite different if the writing, like in Bone Hinge, is complex and rich in symbols.
  • What many fans came to love about Bone is the way the series mixed humor and adventure in a fantasy world.
  • No one writes more compellingly about the modern West than Mark Spragg, and in Bone Fire he is at the very height of his powers.
  • The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone is actually a prequel to The Surrogates (2007), set 15 years before its events.
  • Bone is also in development for movies with Warner Bros.