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What is the meaning of bolshy in Hindi?

Meaning of bolshy in Hindi is :

Definition of word bolshy

  • Alternative spelling of bolshie. (noun)
  • Alternative spelling of bolshie. (adjective)

Examples of word bolshy

  • When you hear their music after all this – there's a track called Darling Buds of May and another called New Year's Day that are the musical equivalent of the word "bolshy" – there's a chance you may feel distinctly underwhelmed.
  • The public narrative is "bolshy" and Cameron has to deal with that.
  • Not as bolshy as Donna was, but independent and feisty nevertheless.
  • He will have to try to kiss and make up with the Lib Dems, who are likely to get a whole lot more bolshy if AV goes down, to stabilise and sustain the coalition.
  • Coy yet bolshy, Balotelli annoyed Mourinho to the point where the current Real Madrid coach suspended him from Inter's squad.


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