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What is the meaning of bode in Hindi?

Meaning of bode in Hindi is : शकुन बताना

Definition of word bode

  • To indicate by signs, as future events; to be the omen of; to portend to presage; to foreshow. (verb)
  • To foreshow something; to augur. (verb)
  • An omen; a foreshadowing. (noun)
  • A bid; an offer. A messenger; a herald. (noun)
  • A stop; a halting; delay. (noun)
  • Simple past of bide. (verb)

Examples of word bode

  • Still, the close calls bode well for Blyleven and Alomar in the future.
  • Planetary and moon formation seems to follow a rule called bode's law which has each planet roughly twice as far out as the previous one, though there is still controversy about this.
  • [349] Abode is an old English word signifying omen or prognostic, -- from "bode," to portend.
  • That is, if we "bode" or earnestly wish for an article or result, we will get at least something approaching to it.
  • The resulting waveforms, such as bode plot and load transient, are available for analysis using WebScope (TM), a fast and sophisticated interactive waveform viewer.


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