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What is the meaning of blow in Hindi?

Meaning of blow in Hindi is : हाँफना

Definition of word blow

  • Blue. (adjective)
  • To produce an air current. (verb)
    एक वायु प्रवाह उत्पन्न करने के लिए।
  • A strong wind. (noun)
    एक तेज हवा।

Examples of word blow

  • A blow upon the eye will cause you to "see stars"; a similar _blow_ upon the ear will cause you to _hear_ an explosive sound.
  • Hydraulic riveting has demonstrated not only that the work could be as well done without a blow, but that it could be _better done without a blow_, and that the riveted material was stronger when so secured than when subjected to the more severe treatment under impact.
  • I. i.8 (4,4) [blow, till thou burst thy wind, if room enough] Perhaps it might be read, -- _blow till thou burst, wind, if room enough_.
  • I. ii.13 (259,5) [that may blow No sneaping rinds] _That may blow_ is a
  • ARDEN: Blow-back really is the phenomenon where the gun is very close to or touching the target and the gasses cause the material to be blown around, and in fact, backward onto the against, hence the term blow-back.
  • "The last guy who makes the blow is always the one who gets suspended."
  • One of the other things that I ` m thinking about is the connection between the victim and the gun may also be a biological one, where you can have what they call blow-back, where blood or tissue from the victim may end up inside the barrel of the gun or on the muzzle of the gun.
  • Last Sunday I counselled my people that this blow is the end of human slavery in this Republic, perhaps in the world; and that an aristocracy which had committed the last crime of assassinating its truest friends, can have no more hope of life in any world ruled by
  • Jack, who came from New York every week, would have liked what he called a blow-out, but the recent death of the Colonel and Amy's mourning precluded that, and only a very few were bidden to the ceremony, which took place in the drawing-room of the Crompton House, instead of the church.
  • Both in a moral and a military point of view the blow is a terrible one for the South, and may materially injure the chances of General Beauregard.