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What is the meaning of blood type in Hindi?

Meaning of blood type in Hindi is : रुधिर प्ररूपण

Definition of word blood type

Examples of word blood type

  • Or if youhave bloodtype A, and eat too many fatty meats, will that thick, type A blood compared to the thin type O blood (with B and AB being in-between) throw clots, or give you hardening of the arteries faster (or even cancer) on a high-meat-fat - diet?
  • Don't forget about Michelle's horoscope and Biden's bloodtype.
  • The tattoo idea to prove innoculation is a good one — you could put it in your armpit, right next to your bloodtype.
  • A heart transplant where conveniently enough, both subjects have the same bloodtype.
  • The Nephilim would naturally live to be 120 to the 1-and-one-half power (exponent = 1.5--all human but half angel--base = 120, corresponding to the longest possible human lifespan), but by drinking blood, are able to maintain their youth indefinitely--and yes, there is a bloodtype that is immune, and their blood feedings are regulated by their codes (I did the math :)


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