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What is the meaning of blithesomeness in Hindi?

Meaning of blithesomeness in Hindi is :

Definition of word blithesomeness

  • The quality of being blithesome. (noun)

Examples of word blithesomeness

  • However intricate, however long the dance she leads, he follows, blithesomeness and confidence in all his poses.
  • A sweet sobriety shaded her young face, and a meek smile sat upon her lips, but the old blithesomeness was gone.
  • The sunshine, the blithesomeness of the morning was infectious.
  • An 'rin in noisy blithesomeness to thee, my Bess, wi' them,
  • With all her blithesomeness and high spirits she was inclined to be serious in thought.
  • The next characteristic of the piety of Jesus is a combination of opposites which is quite peculiar to it the union of the blithesomeness and innocence of childhood with the courage and the serious earnestness of manhood.
  • It was evident that they were happy and contented in their alpine home, in the upper story of the world, the rare, cool, exhilarating air, the majestic panoramas, and the unlimited freedom all contributing to the blithesomeness of their spirits.
  • I watched him labouring with all the wisdom of an old man and the blithesomeness of a young one.
  • At any rate RenĂ©, over his busy work in the lantern, whistled and hummed snatches of song with unwonted blithesomeness, and, after lighting the steady watch-light and securing all his paraphernalia with extra care, dallied some time longer than usual on the outer platform, striving to snatch through the driven wraith a glance of the distant lights of Pulwick.