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What is the meaning of blitheness in Hindi?

Meaning of blitheness in Hindi is :

Definition of word blitheness

  • The characteristic of being blithe. (noun)

Examples of word blitheness

  • To serve, one cannot avoid that; but to serve with blitheness, that is the secret.
  • Nowhere does she illustrate the spirit of blitheness which is put forth by her name, and only once does she allude to it.
  • With Cornelius, in fact, it was nothing less than the joy which Dante apprehended in the blessed spirits of the perfect, the outward semblance of which, like a reflex of physical light upon human faces from "the land which is very far off," we may trace from Giotto onward to its consummation in the work of Raphael -- the serenity, the [53] durable cheerfulness, of those who have been indeed delivered from death, and of which the utmost degree of that famed "blitheness" of the Greeks had been but a transitory gleam, as in careless and wholly superficial youth.
  • And the more the Fed flounders during the course of this monetary crisis—in which the value of a dollar has plunged to less than a 1,500th of an ounce of gold—the more glaring is the blitheness of its attitude toward America's foundational law.
  • The co-directors/co-writers, Palestinian Scandar Copti and Israeli Yaron Shani, possess a Tarantino-esque blitheness about startling violence, and employ a "Pulp Fiction" approach to narrative-as-mosaic.
  • But the blitheness with which he tossed it off indicates an ignorance—perhaps willful—of a deep confusion in the American character on the subject of using drugs simply to make life easier.
  • At times, Mr. Pond's music moves along with a sort of blitheness that's in conflict with his melancholy lyrics.