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What is the meaning of blissfulness in Hindi?

Meaning of blissfulness in Hindi is : परमानंद

Definition of word blissfulness

  • The characteristic of being blissful. (noun)

Examples of word blissfulness

  • I'd always been peaceful and happy, that was not an issue, but here I was drenched in a completely different kind of blissfulness; every cell in my body bursting with ecstasy.
  • The spiritual process essentially focuses on bringing peacefulness and blissfulness to an individual human being.
  • Actually, only when a human being is in extended periods of joyfulness and blissfulness will he stretch himself to the limits and do what he can do to the fullest.
  • Purple was his favorite color, and twilight was his favorite time of day; both filled him with a deep sense of blissfulness.
  • Talk about the perfect job for someone who recently got laid off or is so depressed about the state of affairs in the world that she only enjoys the blissfulness of sleep.