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What is the meaning of bliss in Hindi?

Meaning of bliss in Hindi is : हर्ष

Definition of word bliss

  • perfect happiness (noun)

Examples of word bliss

  • Our bliss, as far as the term bliss applies to a slave's situation, was now complete in this respect, for a season; for never had we been so pleasantly situated before; but, reader, behold its cruel termination.
  • If this propaganda bliss is anything like their last one:
  • Every time I visited, I purchased a little paper cone of goodies — Kätzchen and other varieties, some süß, some salzig — and wandered and munched in bliss for hours.
  • I was in bliss until the wife and kids won over about 8 years ago.
  • I know so many people who are only in bliss when they are miserable.
  • Only the personal world of domestic bliss is real.
  • Instead, when my heartis burdened by tragedy or in bliss reaching new milestones my penflows in flurries, in agile verse, in melodic turns and phrases.
  • What do you do when following your bliss is financially scary?