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What is the meaning of blink in Hindi?

Meaning of blink in Hindi is : पलक मारना

Definition of word blink

  • To close and reopen both eyes quickly. (verb)
  • The act of very quickly closing both eyes and opening them again. (noun)

Examples of word blink

    • Me: * blink blink* Um ... do you want to go visit him?
    • U luks round, liek it waz no beeg deel *lik lik blink blink*
    • Was at lvl 1, saw this really really BIG * blink blink* which xinya has alwaes wanted.
    • All of this leads me to a question that has been sitting heavy on my mind since a non-specific person * blink blink* took a couple of pictures at the Devil's Slide off-ramp … somewhere laller-ing about the dusty regions of the Wasatch mountains …
    • At one point, Vista 64 informed me that it would take 38,000 days to copy 50 gb. * blink blink*
    • Why do you use the term blink as if this is a game to see who will give in, who will not and therefore who will win?
    • "That's not change we can believe in ..." blink blink blink blink good grief
    • That should make your page title blink 'drink.' three times every five minutes.