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What is the meaning of bling in Hindi?

Meaning of bling in Hindi is :

Definition of word bling

  • Variant of bling bling. (noun)
  • Ostentatious display of richness or style. (noun)

Examples of word bling

  • These dress-code offenders wear baggy pants, du-rags, flash their "bling bling" like gold chains, and "decorative orthodontic appliances" like gold teeth, and tattoos, bringing too much of black urban ghetto life to an elite college that fashions itself as the paragon of black manhood.
  • * bling bling* how do u make the chain photo frames at the bottom? so nice!
  • (In fact, its around that time the term bling was born.) "It was about creating a signature," according to Memsor Kamarake, fashion director of Vibe magazine.
  • I have to admit that the woman with the 'bling' is actually from Guatemala, Santiago Atitlan on the shores of Lake Atitlan.
  • Was the dress, with strategically placed holes that revealed what Ciara called "a little skin bling" — aka sparkly body lotion — from Lord & Taylor?


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