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What is the meaning of blessedness in Hindi?

Meaning of blessedness in Hindi is : परमानन्द

Definition of word blessedness

  • The state or condition of being blessed, holy. (noun)

Examples of word blessedness

  • And, moreover, as our best doings are only very pitiful shortcomings, worth little or nothing, it is just as good for us that the consciousness of our unprofitableness should be kept constantly before us, instead of the serene self-complacency of doing wonders, over which we should fall asleep, certainly neither in blessedness nor the odour of sanctity!
  • Their full blessedness is now "from henceforth," that is,
  • Still, the fathers were in blessedness by faith in the Saviour to come, at death (Heb 6: 15; Lu 16: 22).
  • As the foundation of our blessedness is laid in God's choosing us, so the first step towards it is God's making himself known to us.
  • His blessedness is here illustrated by a similitude (v. 3): He shall be like a tree, fruitful and flourishing.
  • True blessedness is entailed upon the right understanding and due improvement of the mysteries of the kingdom of God.
  • What the great gospel blessedness is which we are to hope for -- That believing we shall have life through his name.
  • But observe, The righteous are called the blessed of my Father; for their blessedness is owing purely to the grace of God and his blessing, but the wicked are called only ye cursed, for their damnation is of themselves.
  • A man can therefore merit blessedness, which is eternal life, by his own natural powers and without grace.
  • This feeling is our superessential blessedness, which is a fruition of God and all His beloved: and this blessedness is that Dark Quiet which ever abides in idleness.