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What is the meaning of blaspheme in Hindi?

Meaning of blaspheme in Hindi is : निन्दा करना

Definition of word blaspheme

  • Things said against the Church or God. (noun)
    चर्च या भगवान के खिलाफ कही गई बातें।
  • To commit blasphemy; to speak against God or religious doctrine. (verb)
    निन्दा करने के लिए; भगवान या धार्मिक सिद्धांत के खिलाफ बोलना।

Examples of word blaspheme

    • The word blaspheme originally means to speak evil of any one, to injure by words, to blame unjustly.
    • The fact struck me with unusual force when I dictated the word blaspheme to a group of ninth-grade students recently: They frowned at me as if all of them had suddenly developed a hearing disability.
    • Because to blaspheme is to utter an affront or insult against the Creator.
    • John's symbolism in the Book of Revelation was mainly designed to portray that those who "blaspheme" against God suffer in many ways.
    • Some people may believe, but choose to "blaspheme" in order to make a statement about something else.
    • If they allowed themselves, as they sometimes did, to "blaspheme" against religion or the Tsar, they ran the risk of being maltreated on the spot.
    • Judas; such as blaspheme the gospel, with Alexander; and that lie and dissemble, with Ananias and Sapphira his wife.
    • And Interior Minister Rehman Malik declared that he would personally kill anyone who dared blaspheme Muhammad's name.
    • Vezzoli's Sacrilegio seeks not to blaspheme Christian faith it lacks the epistemic fiber necessary to even rise to that level.