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What is the meaning of blagging in Hindi?

Meaning of blagging in Hindi is :

Definition of word blagging

  • Present participle of blag. (verb)

Examples of word blagging

  • People found guilty of obtaining personal details by deception - known as "blagging" - should be jailed, Deputy PM Nick Clegg has said.
  • Well, as of writing this e-mail David Cameron is standing by his press adviser Andy Coulson, the former News of the World editor linked today with allegations that reporters on his former newspaper may have been involved in a pattern of telephone bugging and "blagging" - in effect, lying - to obtain stories.
  • One of the features of this piece of legalized nation-blagging is that the EU will have the ability to make all sorts of amendments to the Constitution, including the abolition of vetoes, without having to bother with the inconvenience of getting everyone’s consent to anything so tricky as a new Treaty.
  • As well as phone hacking, the notes referred to "blagging", obtaining information by deception.
  • The Sunday Times has argued the story was in the public interest, and therefore obtaining information by deceit - or "blagging" - was defensible.
  • He described some of the "dark arts" he had been told of by tabloid reporters, including burglary, phone and email hacking and "blagging" - obtaining information by deceit.