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What is the meaning of blackstrap in Hindi?

Meaning of blackstrap in Hindi is :

Definition of word blackstrap

  • The dark, viscous molasses remaining after maximum extraction of sugar from raw sugar cane, used in manufacturing and cattle feed. (noun)
  • A mixture of spirituous liquor (usually rum) and molasses. (noun)
  • Bad port wine; any common wine of the Mediterranean. (noun)

Examples of word blackstrap

  • The third boiling produces what we both apparently call blackstrap molasses, which is very dark and somewhat bitter, and which health-food advocates think is heaven on earth, although it is more often used to feed cattle.
  • The red wine was called blackstrap and was sour, while the insipid white was called Miss Taylor, a name that puzzled Sharpe until he saw the label on one of the bottles: Mistela.
  • Avoid using blackstrap, which is less sweet and has a stronger flavor than dark molasses.
  • My family has not forgiven me yet, but perhaps if I make these, that will smooth things over! why so much baking soda? browning effect? because there's not that much molasses (acid). and it's only 4 cups flour. somebody enlighten me! oh and for your molasses question - depends if you want the stronger molasses flavor. robust is probably what is more commonly referred to as blackstrap molasses. the light stuff I think tastes too light for something like a ginger cookie, I think. and given there's only 1/2C of molasses in this recipe to go along with 2 C of regular sugar, I'd def say go for the robust.
  • The white rum found in the traditional Daiquiri would be too easily overwhelmed by the bold liqueur, so he used a robust " blackstrap " rum made from molasses.


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