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What is the meaning of biz in Hindi?

Meaning of biz in Hindi is : कार्यक्षेत्र

Definition of word biz

  • business (noun)

Examples of word biz

  • Juggling a family, a home and a career in this biz is a major feat in itself.
  • Nasra has über priority, new tracks and visuals are more important than sticking up posters, and I'm typing this on the night train, on my way to Oslo again, those recent Spotify data generated quite some attention, have to attend to sudden new label biz, which is great, but eats time.
  • Today your favorite retailer -- or, especially in the U.S., the retailer you really have no choice but to frequent -- GameStop announced its second-quarter financial results, and the company's feeling the pinch of the crummy summer the games biz is having.
  • The U.K. biz is facing up to a lengthy delay before making any progress on the issue of term extension for copyright in sound recordings.
  • I continue to believe that games have far more in common with music than with any other media, in terms of how the biz is experienced and discussed -- regardless of how useful the film and game connection can sometimes be.
  • I don't approve of regulation or getting in people's biz, is the American way.
  • Vista SP1 works great for me, and this user folder biz is the primary thorn in my side with the OS.
  • The company's reluctance to get out of this "real estate biz" is not helping its shareholders one bit.
  • Marketing biz is tool making, tools must be fashioned with care and precision.