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What is the meaning of bit in Hindi?

Meaning of bit in Hindi is : लोहा

Definition of word bit

  • Simple past of bite. (verb)
    काटने का सरल अतीत।
  • this sense?) (colloquial) bitten. (adjective)
    यह भाव?) (बोलचाल) काटा।
  • A piece of metal placed in a horse's mouth and connected to reins to direct the animal. (noun)
    घोड़े के मुंह में रखा धातु का एक टुकड़ा और जानवर को निर्देशित करने के लिए लगाम से जुड़ा।
  • To a small extent; in a small amount (usually with "a"). (adverb)
    कुछ हद तक; थोड़ी मात्रा में (आमतौर पर "ए" के साथ)।

Examples of word bit

  • Actually, during my meeting in the afternoon I felt a bit uncomfortable and it took me ages to work out why – my jeans, which were fine all morning, suddenly felt a bit… tight.
  • Though it's a bit awkward talking about it in front of strangers; though you all look very nice people; but it is a _bit_ awkward --
  • · Export RGB in 8 bit, 15 bit+ (i.e. Photoshop 16 bit), true 16 bit, or scaled to 100%
  • Aren't you a bit ashamed to bit** about income taxes when CHILDREN
  • I've edited it a bit to make it a * bit* more cohesive, and while it isn't as structured as I would like, these are my thoughts about the exponential future of the web and a little bit about how that future might also impinge on the future of government ...
  • Export RGB in 8 bit, 15 bit+ (i.e. Photoshop 16 bit), true 16 bit, or scaled to 100\%
  • Kippletringan was distant at first ‘a gey bit; ’ then the ‘gey bit’ was more accurately described, as ‘ablins three mile; ’ then the ‘three mile’ diminished into ‘like a mile and a bittock; ’ then extended themselves into ‘four mile or there-awa; ’ and, lastly, a female voice, having hushed a wailing infant which the spokeswoman carried in her arms, assured Guy Mannering, ‘It was a weary lang gate yet to Kippletringan, and unco heavy road for foot passengers.